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What Summer Club readers are saying on Amazon

Great Cozy Mystery

This well written mystery provides an entertaining read and a peek into what it takes to keep a summer club running. I really enjoyed it.

A Great Beach Read Even if You’re Not on the Beach

Everything you like in a mystery: well-drawn characters, a plot that builds and writing that keeps you turning the page. Katherine Dean Mazerov has crafted a delightful escape with a story set at a swim and tennis club in the middle of a steamy summer. The club, which has seen better days, becomes the center of nefarious and sometimes hilarious goings-on. It takes the intrepid main character, Lydia, to sort them out, exposing herself to danger. Here's hoping Lydia comes back in another Mazerov mystery after this beautifully-composed debut novel.

Fun Read

Everything you need for an enjoyable, easy-to-read, mystery! Great characters, funny situations, and who-done-it? This story takes place around a private summer pool club and all of the work and problems that happen one summer. Throw in a little dog that always wants to be where the action is and you have a great read. Lydia is the typical volunteer, with a busy family-and-friends life. How does she do it all? What happens when she makes everything her business? Enjoy this fun read!

Good pacing, fun characters

Lydia Phillips has the not-so-delightful job of board president for her neighborhood's summer club with its social events, tennis tournaments, and swim meets. It's a rowdy group of members and a series of misadventures, including a crime or two, that send Lydia on a search for the owner of $50,000 found on the property as well as anyone who might have knowledge of a murder. There are a lot of interesting characters, but the pacing is good.

Summer Club on Goodreads

Will make you smile and laugh

A very enjoyable read that will make you smile and laugh while, at the same time, you are caught up in the tense drama and intrigue that surround events at the Summer Club and the Board that runs it. Treat yourself! This is the perfect book to escape the turmoil of the times. I highly recommend it.

You won’t be disappointed

Dive into the wacky world of Meadow Glen Swim and Tennis Club and you won’t be disappointed.  Lydia, the Club President, contends with a quirky cast of characters as she works to keep the swimming pool and tennis courts open. But lurking around the corner are shadowy figures who want to cover up their sinister crimes. The suspense builds as a dead body is recovered from the river. This rollicking, often humorous, tale offers a dramatic surprise ending and who cannot help but love a story where an adored family dog becomes the hero?

Strong female lead

Absolutely loved the strong and witty female lead (along with her dog)! This mystery is so much more, sprinkled with humor, drama and social commentary. …the perfect beach or poolside read!

Kept me flipping the pages

I saved this for my day off to devour at the beach and I’m so glad I did! I finished it in one sitting! Lydia was such a great character and I enjoyed that this book had a little bit of everything in it. The who-done-it and the parts that made me laugh kept me flipping the pages. A fun beach read.

Fun, light, airy

A fun, light, airy summer read. The exact type of novel that I enjoy reading whilst sitting outside in the warm sun with a cold drink in my hand. I'm giving this one 4.5 Stars.

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